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Digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape at rapid speed. New business models emerge driving a demand amongst senior level leaders, boards and owners to acquire a new skill set in order to seize the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by changing the business model. SaaSters is the strategic wingmen for Boards, C-level and digital transformation leaders in the transformation process


"You have to change how you think, before you can change what you do, and then change what you measure to close the loop.”

(Bonchek & Libert 2017)


Some of our clients and partners

What we do

The core of what we do is empowering our clients to make the right decisions in a highly competitive and changing environment.

We work with boards, owners, venture funds, senior level management and key transformation stakeholders across industries and sectors. When helping executing initiatives, we work closely with our clients’ existing vendors or consultancies within our extensive global network of trusted partners.

Our goal is to enable our clients to take charge of their transformation in the shortest time possible. The less dependent our clients become on our services, the more successful we are.

Corporate Transformation

Are you in need of clarity regarding your digital transformation progress throughout the organisation? And do you need input for the prioritisation of existing and new digital initiatives?

With the use of our assessment software Ravine we offer both a very accurate diagnostic of your progress and a structured approach to a prioritisation of existing projects and recommendations for new ones. We monitor projects and regularly assess the progress for continuous prioritisation.

Interim C-level

Are you in need of a specialised profile as part of the c-suite to help drive new digital transformation initiatives or to get existing ones back on track through prioritisation and consolidation of the strategic direction? We engage as interim C levels referring to the CEO, board or owners to make transitions faster and make sure future employees are handed the healthy transformation projects. We have experience across industries with everything from scale-ups to large global corporations.

For these types of jobs, we work on a retainer with a monthly fee depending on your challenges and often in full discretion towards the organisation.

Strategy Consulting

Do you need help getting digital initiatives on track?

We can help in all phases of digital initiatives from identifying, analysing & consolidating needs, scoping, conceptualizing, defining & setting the team, supporting project managers to participation in steering committees etc. We work closely with internal teams and existing vendors or we can help find new vendors, individual freelancers and experts in our vast network. 

For these services, we work on a retainer with a monthly fee depending on your challenges.

Board advisory

Digital transformation changes the business model, the strategic objectives and the management paradigms. This calls for new tasks for the board, new measurement systems and another interaction between board and management.

We are the strategic partners of the board in designing the strategy, the interaction with the management and the changes in the organisation.

For these services we usually work on a retainer fee or a yearly fee on active board positions.

SaaS Due diligence and M&A advisory

Are you in the accounting, M&A, family office or banking industry and want highly specialized competencies acting either as your company or in the name of SaaSters? We engage in ongoing or new due diligences and M&A processes within SaaS and PaaS with experience in spotting risks and opportunities.

We have a predefined and proven process and pricing for either a full SaaSters due diligence or a light version which will give you an in-depth and objective view of the current state before investing or buying a SaaS or PaaS company.

Jesper Munkholm


XaaS business model development
Digital transformation
Corporate change agent
SaaS M&A Advisory

    +45 5380 7645

Lars Kappel


Board and C-level advisory and interaction
Strategy and business model development
Corporate change agent
C-level interim manager

    +45 2370 0029

Christopher Sachse Aaris


Organisational development
XaaS capabilities
Change management
Agile transformation

    +45 4294 0142

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